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.mic file not accepted

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I have two mics available.
One has a .dat file, which is recognized in mic/meter preferences.
The other is an Earthworks mic with a .mic file.

When the .dat file is brought up, the data is present.
With the .mic file the panel is empty.

Thinking the file (2008) might be corrupted I downloaded the file again, to no avail.
In the past the .mic file has been recognized by REW.

I'm now using beta 19.

Any thoughts?
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You could contact Earthworks or where you purchased the mic.

When you get the correct data just copy and paste into a notepad file and import into REW.

What is the Earthworks model, i believe there mics are very accurate without a cal file.
Like Phillips said, contacting Earthworks might be my first go-to option .

( They really shouldn't be handing out microphone calibrations encased/captured in such an obsolete old file format . )

"Google" Microsoft Image Composer for a bit of education about what the .mic extension stands for .

Alternately, you can download this ( unsupported old MS ) program , open the file , copy & paste the text into a text editor & then save as a .txt file, for easier use by REW .

Here's the MIC application for download ( while not my upload, I've checked it for viruses & tenability on WinXP-SP3 ) .

On the file dialog change the "files of type" selection from "Calibration Data (.cal, .csv, .frd, .txt, .omm)" to "All files". There won't be a preview of the contents of a .mic file as REW doesn't recognise the extension.
I've obtained the file in .txt format.
All good now.
Hi there, can you explain how you managed to get a useable text file from a .mic file please? I am having the same issue.
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