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Microphone to Behringer 1202

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I need to connect the Microphone to my Behringer Mixer.
But my problem is that the Mic came with XLR to 1/4" TS Mic Cable
On the Mixer I have XLR Mic input, but below that there is also a Line connector
Can I use the Line connector instead of XLR?


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It may work, but probably not. I'd just get an XLR from monoprice.
So whats the purpose for the "Line In" connection under XLR for?

The way this guy explains sounds like that I could connect the Mic to Line In.

youtube com/watch?v=SS4A4bUJTlY

Please fix the link I need 5 posts LOL.
A line in signal is a much higher level signal than a mic signal.


You could hook your mic up, but only if it has a built in pre-amp (would require putting a battery in the mic). Can you post the model of your microphone?
Yeah I plunged it in and it's working so far.
This is my Mic:
Well, if it's working, your all set. If you have to crank the gain way up to get usable volume, however, I'd still really consider taking $10 to monoprice for a proper cable.

Have fun!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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