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  1. Would you consider the HD model more flexible and feature-rich, while the DL model more plug-n-play?
  2. Can you provide details explaining the pros/cons of the DL model's lack of bass management?
  3. Would you consider the HD model's 96kHZ over the DL model's 48kHz internal sampling rate superior for music listening?
  4. If your answer to the question immediately above was "no," then why would miniDSP bother to engineer it that way?
  5. There's a small footnote under the UMIK-1 picture that reads "* UMIK-1 required for nanoAVR DL, optional for nanoAVR HD." In the case of the HD version, do other options include non-USB mics?

1. That is a reasonable description.
2. Some don't need BM. Some have BM elsewhere.
3. Superior in theory but not necessarily in practice which depends on the relative success of the HD's EQ vs. the DL's EQ. In turn, that is a reflection both of the system's EQ needs and the user's skill. Not trying to be evasive but there are simply too many variables to permit a one word answer.
4. The limitation is imposed either by Dirac (wanting to keep the price low and not cannibalize the DL market) or by the lack of sufficient DSP power in the box. I do know that adding BM to the DL model would require additional DSP.
5. The HD requires an external program, like REW, for measurement and filter generation. What mic is used is determined by that program.
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