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Minidsp quality - high end stereo

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Hello everyone. I was wondering if minidsp is appropriate for a reasonably high end two channel system. I listen to vinyl and cd. The system is a Cary CDP, Michell Orbe turntable, Herron phono stage, Supratek pre, Bryston amp and B&W 802 speakers. Is the minidsp of the same quality?
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Do not mean to butt into the conversation. You have already received excellent advice.

I have worked with several miniDSP products, including the DDRC-22D. They will not degrade your sound in any way.
I'm currently also looking into minidsp DDRC22 series alongside other alternatives.
Seem that the max spec the current market have is 24Bits/96KHz.

My idea setup of course is to put one between my pre and power (which give my flexibilities of having multi-sources, but unfortunately need to go throu extra round of AD-DA conversion).

Not at all. The A/D-D/A conversion inside the miniDSP is handled by top-notch DACs.
BTW, what AD-DA are actually being use in 22A ?

In the miniDSP forum, it seem that after passing throu the 22A, there will have a slight hissing sound at the background. Didn't manage to get anything out from their tech support the root cause(s) for this :huh:
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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