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I just purchased a Denon AVR-1709 and I am facing issues setting parameters up as some menu features seem to be missing.

Example 1: from the user manual, I should be able to set my room environment (7.1ch ; 5.1ch ; Bi-amp) from the "3. Option Setup" / "1. Amp Assign" but this "1. Amp Assign" sub-menu is not there !!!
My first possible adjustment for "3. Option Setup" is "1. Limit" (which should be "2. Limit").
As a consequence, I am running in 5.1ch mode with no signal on the Surround Back speakers + I fail to find a way to change this setting.

Example 2: this Denon AVR-1709 has 3 HDMI input channels for up to 3 HDMI signals.
In menu "2. Input Setup", I should be able to assign an HDMI input to a source.
Example, HDM1 will be switched when DVD/HDP will be selected as the source, HDMI2 switched when TV/CBL will be selected on the remote control and finally HDMI3 with VCR.
The point is I can assign HDM1 and HDMI2 but HDMI3 does not show up.
In the "2. Input Setup" menu, I have "1 HDMI1 : xxx" then "2 HDMI2 : xxx" then the next possible adjustment is the "3 COAX 1 : xxx" audio source !!! No way to assign "3 HDMI : xxx".

I can understand software configuration may differ slightly from NAM to Europe but what I discribed above seems to be basic adjustments for this receiver.

I tried to reset the CPU pressing <Power> + <Input Mode> + <Speakers> but it did not improve.

I ran the "Auto Setup" and I could hear a sound on all 5.1 speakers but the Denon AVR-1709 did not even try to power the Surround Back speakers.

I am suspecting a bad software / firmware loaded. Is there a way to check what I have and compare to what I should have ?

Am I doing something wrong ?

If you faced such issues before or are experienced with Denon, I would greatly appreciate your ideas and inputs. I would owe you !!!

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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