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Mission: Trio12 Sub (design/build)

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Today I submitted my order for the Quartet12/Trio12 kit. I've taken the suggested design and modified it a bit. Here are two pics from Sketchup:

The PR's will be covered with a cloth wrapped speaker grille... I'm thinking of using some of the "vintage" cloth that's available at PE (and elsewhere on the net).

I'm hoping to start the build in early November... pics are forthcoming.
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Wow that is pretty scary. That makes me worry about mine and I think I'll be checking my box when I get home today.
Awesome looks like a great start. This is really what I would like to try for my own set up. Especially the furniture look of the initial sketchup design. I love the idea of the finished end table that just happens to put out some awesome bass.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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