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Mission: Trio12 Sub (design/build)

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Today I submitted my order for the Quartet12/Trio12 kit. I've taken the suggested design and modified it a bit. Here are two pics from Sketchup:

The PR's will be covered with a cloth wrapped speaker grille... I'm thinking of using some of the "vintage" cloth that's available at PE (and elsewhere on the net).

I'm hoping to start the build in early November... pics are forthcoming.
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That looks really good. I just finished my build last weekend and painted the box with some paint I had around from building some other furniture while I decided how I wanted to finish it. I was thinking of doing this and this might have just tipped the scale.
Delays, delays... Between work, snow, kids and the SAC's request to do some "fixin" on the downstairs bathroom... well, y'all know how it is.

Right now, it's all about sanding. 80 grit to get everything lining up nicely. Then fill all the nail holes (with Famowood Red Oak filler). 2nd round of sanding with 150. Double check the filled spots, then stain using Cabot's Brown Mahogany. After that, a very light sanding with 220 just to deburr and then one more round of stain. Once all that's done, on to the finish. I've decided to go with Waterlox original. I'm going to brush it on in 3 light coats.

I've done some tests with the Cabot's Brown Mahogany and the Waterlox Orig. on some of the red oak scraps and I'm very happy with the results. Here's an example:

Can you find the wood filler?
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Ok, enough jokes- we want to see the FINISHED project in all its glory. This is beautifully done btw, and obviously not just a speaker, but quality furniture to pass down to your kids: excellent work to admire.
I can't give you the finished project, but I can give you some pics that show the finished project is close at hand. I managed to get the sanding completed on Saturday, and the stain applied on Sunday. Here's the result:

I am VERY happy with how the top came out. Can't thank my friend Matt enough for gluing up/clamping the red oak! (Not to mention the use of his shop, tools, routing out the sub and pr openings...etc...)

I'm going to finish it with Waterlox Original. But it may be a couple of weeks before I can get to it with work and some travel plans coming up. In the meantime though, I hope to get the grill covers done.
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Five months and more than a few dollars over budget... here's the final results:

Putting in the Trio12... FINALLY!! The grey you see peekin' out is the foam weatherstripping I used to make sure I had a good seal. I tightened the bolts in a star pattern... first with my fingers, then by hand with a hex driver. Didn't trust myself using anything else...

Never thought I'd see the day...

Very pleased with how the cabinet turned out.

I swear it brings tears to my eyes...

Grill covers in place.

Test run...

Final resting place...

So for my first run I put in some tobyMac and I was impressed. Haven't been able to do much else (as I've had to clean up our dining room aka, "my workshop" where I've been finishing this project up). Going to go watch a film now just to see...

BTW, does the Trio12 require any break-in before it gets cranked?
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WOW, that looks amazing! Hope the sound is just as good!
:clap:Very nice!!! that grill cloth you have chosen is awesome!! i remember you mentioning it on an earlier post and i did not like the idea,,, now that i see it it makes the style of the build,, I LIKE!
Ya I love the look of your sub! The grille texture reminds me of some old Wharfedale speakers my Grandpa had in his house. I have a very similar idea in my head! You made a gem
Very nice!!! That is one classy looking sub, well done.
Thank you for the kind words gentlemen. This is the first time I've undertaken anything like this (be it furniture or be it home-audio diy) and I'm fairly pleased with the results. I learned alot and made plenty of mistakes along the way. I'll be that much smarter though when I get the motivation for the next project.

I downloaded REW for the mac os and it appears to be working on my iMac G5. I'm going to borrow a friend's RS analog meter and see if I can get some decent in room measurements of this build. I'll post some graphs once that's done.

Happy Easter folks!
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