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i have a WT-46805 mitsubishi 46" RPTV
i had the convergence issue for a short time and then my TV simply stopped turning on.
i diagnosed the error using the menu/input method and got a 2 - 2 error.
after researching online i found that the standard cause for this error would be one or both pico fuses in the center of the board needing replacement.

i bought the fuses and removed the rear of my TV however, i don't want to break any pieces in sliding the board out to replace the fuses.
i see that you can unclip and tilt the board up for soldering purposes but can you be as specific as possible here so that i don't break anything...?

i've also heard there is an IC issue that might be the culprit but as ICs are generally $40 or so and pico fuses are a dollar or so, i thought i'd start here...

thank you
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