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Hello, :dontknow:

My brother has this.

Mitsubishi WS-55711 (Widescreen 55 inch) Diamond Series Integrated Rear Projection HDTV

Technology: Projection

Projection Display Technology: CRT

Display Format 1080i

Image Aspect Ratio 16:9

Image Contrast Ratio 50:1

Horizontal Resolution 1200 lines

Progressive Scan Progressive scanning (line doubling)

Widescreen Modes: Zoom, Expand, Normal, Stretch, Conventional 4:3

Viewing Angle 110 degrees

Pixel Pitch 0.52 mm

Height: 50 5/8
Width: 49 7/8
Depth: 28"
Weight: 265 lbs

He informed me yesterday that when our area had a power shortage last week or so, Power went off, when the power came back on, the TV never turned back on, all he saw then and since is just a blinking green light. We both have Time-Warner, but this was possibly a power surge problem, and maybe fried something.

I'm reading the above posts about capacitors on the "DM". Is this a problem possibly we can fix ourselves, or do we need to call in someone?
The place he said he bought it from quoted $100.00 just for walking in the house, and another $200.00 for positively repairing it...!

If he knows exactly what the problem could be to fix this, and the apparent low cost of these electrical parts, Does this sound fair for $300.00?

Thank you!

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If you don't feel it is fair, shop around or try to fix it yourself. What is fair is relative to the value that the service has to you. From a servicer's perspective it is likely very fair. If he changes the caps and finds that it does not solve the problem and there is more wrong with the DM, he has wasted that time that could have been spent repairing something else. He also has overhead, training, insurance, etc that is related to running a business. Whether it is worth it to you or not is a completely different matter.
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