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Hello, :dontknow:

My brother has this.

Mitsubishi WS-55711 (Widescreen 55 inch) Diamond Series Integrated Rear Projection HDTV

Technology: Projection

Projection Display Technology: CRT

Display Format 1080i

Image Aspect Ratio 16:9

Image Contrast Ratio 50:1

Horizontal Resolution 1200 lines

Progressive Scan Progressive scanning (line doubling)

Widescreen Modes: Zoom, Expand, Normal, Stretch, Conventional 4:3

Viewing Angle 110 degrees

Pixel Pitch 0.52 mm

Height: 50 5/8
Width: 49 7/8
Depth: 28"
Weight: 265 lbs

He informed me yesterday that when our area had a power shortage last week or so, Power went off, when the power came back on, the TV never turned back on, all he saw then and since is just a blinking green light. We both have Time-Warner, but this was possibly a power surge problem, and maybe fried something.

I'm reading the above posts about capacitors on the "DM". Is this a problem possibly we can fix ourselves, or do we need to call in someone?
The place he said he bought it from quoted $100.00 just for walking in the house, and another $200.00 for positively repairing it...!

If he knows exactly what the problem could be to fix this, and the apparent low cost of these electrical parts, Does this sound fair for $300.00?

Thank you!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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