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Hi everyone, I'm new here, though this site has been great advice so far :D !
To make the story short, a friend gave me his HD1080 because it had a sagging blue channel and he bought a new one.
I figured that it was one of the CI (thanks to this forum), and re-soldered all the connections (well, put more solder over the existing one).
It worked like a charm!.... for about 30 seconds, then the picture froze...
I had to unplug it and now that I re-plug it, it will not turn on. No click, no power reaction at all except the LED blinks for about 2-3 times when initially plugged in. I read and figured that something probably shorted...maybe too much solder that melted and 'connected' some of the pins since I just added more but didn't remove the old? I haven't taken it apart again yet and that will be my first point of attack, but here is my question:
IF this is what's happening, will simply desolder and resolder help it? I also understand I may have blown a fuse or have a bad capacitor... which makes it very hard 'cause I have NO IDEA where those are and what they look like.
Anyway, I probably made a small problem worse, but it's a free TV, so I'll play around with it till it either works or is scrap.
Any input at all would be much appreciated!
Bless all of yall for so much good information!

Kind regards,

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