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Mitsubishi ws-55511 Problem

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Hello. I am an extreme novice at tv stuff and was extremely excited when I was able, with the help of great folks online, to fix our tv when the capacitors blew and caused the "blinking light of death". I only burnt three fingers learning how to solder, but eventually got them replaced and the tv turned on without a problem. That lasted for about 15 minutes and then there were these black horizontal lines through the picture. I was so disappointed. I didn't even get the chance to show my husband what good work I did before the lines showed up. The picture is very clear otherwise and the sound is great. These vertical lines stay for about 15 min. and then go away. So, just to be more clear, every now and then, black horizontal lines that appear to flash or scroll quickly come on the screen. This started to occur after I replaced the capacitors for the green blinking light and no power issue. I would like to fix this myself also and so I would so greatly appreciate any help that anyone can give. Thanks so much! :help:
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The capacitors are a rather trivial repair with a very easy to recognize symptom. Your other problem does not sound like it will be something so easy. You may have created the problem in the repair process or you may have an unrelated failure. I would go over your work and make sure all connections are solid and that all wires are dressed as they were before the repair. Beyond that you will have to do some troubleshooting that may be beyond the reasonable ability of most DIYers. It may be time to have a professional look at the set.

Can you post images of the problem?
I would say to recheck your solder work. Make sure you don't have any solder bridges and also make sure your solder joints look good. Check your new caps and make sure they are all in the right way and the proper size.
Thank you both for your help. I will go back and check my work and the next time it happens I will take a picture of what's going on. Thanks again for your time. I will post back with any results.
Jason's suggestion to look for a cap installed backwards is a good one. They will often vent pretty quickly but in some cases they can cause strange problems before blowing. Any guesses on how I know that...right, I have seen other techs make that mistake. Never me, of course.
I'm feeling pretty confident, based on the great info here, that the reason my WS-55511 suddenly won't power on is that the seven capacitors on the DM module need to be replaced. I have removed the module, but haven't been able to locate replacement capacitors that match the original equipment ones. Can anyone direct me to a source for these, or an acceptable alternative capacitor?


Look at the stickies in the Service & Support forums for suggestions as well as in the vendor listings at the top of every forum page.
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