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First off Leonard, thanks for all you do.
I traded 4 hours of bench time for a nice old WS55807, and it looks good until I turn the contrast up to where it looks best. Then I get red smears on the right side of vertical images. I haven't opened it up yet but I think it's either a matter of adjustment or possibly the red video amplifier isn't up to snuff.
Two questions please...
1.) Would turning the red drive down or adjusting the screens help the red smear, and
2.) This is really dumb, but what am I doing wrong when I can't get into service mode? I've tried pressing 'Menu' and entering 8270 or 8257 but I get only customer menus. In another post you said to press '0' after getting into the service menu, but do you mean the customer service menu, then press
'0'? I'm at work so I can't try anything until this evening. Thanks again. Cool smilies, by the way...:yay:

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Screen (G2) control on these is tricky to adjust. If it is too high or too low you can get strange problems, and this symptom usually means too low. You could have a bad crt, bad ground, bad connection at the crt socket, or a bad video amp.
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