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I have a mitisubishi ws65907 that has developed convergence problems.
I have used the advanced menu options to try and set the red and blue lines they they will only converge a bit.
in the middle it looks fine but on the sides it looks fuzzy.
on the rear of the tv it says september 2000 I know I had a similar problem in 2004 when it was under warranty and it was taken care of, but not sure what they did as I was traveling but they had to replace some chip .
Not sure if this information helps or if there is any additional information I can provide.
Is it cheaper to fix it or just replace the whole tv.

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Re: Getting DIY Repair help - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

Your post was moved to a new thread in the Mitsubishi forum to maintain forum organization and to make information easier to find.

"Looks fuzzy" would usually describe a focus problem. Is your problem convergence or focus? What does "only converge a bit" mean? Either the colors converge or they don't.

Read the first ten posts in the convergence repair sticky very carefully. Post some pix and describe exactly what you are adjusting and what kind of problem you have.
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