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Mitsubishi Press Release:

Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America Brings Cinema-Quality Size, Picture,
and Sound to 2012 DLP Home Cinema TV Lineup

New models deliver big screens, more features, and better value that fit any home theater

IRVINE, Calif.—May 22, 2012—Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc., the leader in
large-screen television and digital displays, introduced today its 2012 large screen television line,
giving consumers even more options for creating fully-immersive, cinema-like home theater
experiences. Mitsubishi has built even more value into its new 73-inch, 82-inch, and 92-inch class
DLP® Home Cinema TV models with enhanced features, delivering a vivid HD picture and highquality
sound. New models include two DLP Home Cinema TVs at 92-inch class and four models at
82-inch class.

“Consumers crave large screen televisions that deliver the most immersive home entertainment
experience available, which has made the large screen TV market the fastest growing TV segment,”
said Max Wasinger, Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America. “There is
no question that ‘bigger is better,’ so we’re introducing large screens that give consumers an
unmatched viewing experience for movies, sports, gaming, and 3D content. As we maintain our size
advantage in the television market, we’ve also built in more value and features for consumers who
demand TVs with bigger screens and better sound at prices that meet their budget.”

Mitsubishi DLP Home Cinema TVs are powered by DLP technology, which also powered most
of the digital cinemas in theaters all over the world. It offers unparalleled picture quality. DLP Mirrors
switch faster than other display technologies for a smoother picture with less blur. The 92-inch class
DLP Home Cinema TV offers four times the viewing area of a 46-inch class.

Mitsubishi’s new 842 Series, which includes its flagship 92-inch class DLP Home Cinema TV,
conveys the most immersive home theater experience available, combining HD or 3D video and sound
delivered through a massive screen and built-in 16-speaker immersive sound technology (IST). “Sound
bars and home theater audio are the fastest-growing consumer electronics segment because consumers want to match great video with great audio. By integrating theater-quality sound with cinema-like
screens, Mitsubishi raises the bar for home theater viewing,” continued Wasinger. This powerful array
includes center channel mode, surround preouts and variable subwoofer outputs that put viewers
directly in the action of any sporting event, action movie, or video game. The 842 Series also includes
models in 73-inch and 82-inch class screen sizes.

Mitsubishi will also introduce in its 2012 product line a new 75-inch class LaserVue television
model, the L75-A96, the latest television in Mitsubishi's laser TV line. The only consumer laser TV on
the market, the LaserVue offers stunning Cinema Color in HD and 3D and is powered by Mitsubishi's
exclusive laser light engine. The L75-A96 is a highly energy efficient television, operating at less than
85 watts, below the 2012 Energy Star 5.3 requirement of 108 watts.

StreamTV™ movies and apps from Mitsubishi, available on the 742 and 842 Series, provide
instant access to an extensive library of high-quality online entertainment and social media content.
StreamTV, powered by VUDU TM, streams movies in HDX, the highest quality streaming content
available. The Internet-connected platform offers HD movies and television titles, crisp 3D streaming,
and over 100 different streaming applications, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and the New York

As part of the 2012 product line, Mitsubishi has added enhancements to its 3D TV capabilities
in the 842 Series. A new built-in Bluetooth RF transmitter, which uses new “Full HD 3D Glasses” TM
format, provides a seamless and vivid 3D experience and increases the number of models and brands
of 3D glasses that can be used with the TV.

“More Americans are enjoying 3D movies at home as more content becomes available and the
experience becomes more affordable. Televisions with 3D and 3D eyewear are much more affordable
now, and we’re giving consumers who want to add that extra dimension to their home entertainment
more options than ever,” said James Chan, Vice President, Marketing, Mitsubishi Electric Visual
Solutions America.

This year the 742 Series adds its own 92-inch class model, which includes a Clear Contrast
Screen that mitigates ambient light through a specially formulated screen material to deliver deep
blacks, bright whites, and a wide range of colors in between.

Mitsubishi is debuting two new high value big screens at 82-inch class in the 642 Series and the
C12 Series. The C12 Series is the most cost-efficient DLP Home Cinema TV in the line, offering
consumers a large screen at an unbeatable price—perfect for consumers who want the biggest bang for
their buck. The 642 Series also adds an 82-inch class model, providing an immersive HD and 3D
experience at a great value.

Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America’s 2012 line-up, including the C12, 642, 742, and 842
Mitsubishi C12 Series DLP Home Cinema TV. Offers great value and high quality performance in a
73-inch or 82-inch class screen size for $1,599 and $2,599 respectively.

Features include:

  • Brilliant, Bright, Natural, and Game modes
  • 120Hz Sub-Frame Rate
  • Plush1080p®
  • 6-Color ProcessorTM
  • 2 HDMITM inputs
  • HDMITM-PC Compatibility

Mitsubishi 642 Series 3D DLP Home Cinema TV. Offers an immersive 3D experience at a great
value in 73-inch or 82-inch class screen sizes for $1,599 and $2,599 respectively.

Features include:
The 642 Series adds:

  • Built-in 3DTV—able to receive, decode, and process 3D signals
  • 3D emitter (DLP link & VESA jack)
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • Advanced video calibration
  • 2D + Depth

Mitsubishi 742 Series 3D DLP Home Cinema TV. A built-in 3D IR emitter, StreamTV with high-def
and 3D movies from VUDU, as well as a large library of VUDU apps for sports, news, social media,
and entertainment make this the perfect model for serious TV lovers. The 742 Series comes in 73-inch,
82-inch and 92-inch classes with prices of $1,799, $3,099, and $4,999 respectively.

Features include:

The 742 Series adds:

  • Built-in 3D IR emitter
  • Wireless Internet capable
  • StreamTV Internet media, including VUDU apps
  • iPhone, iPod Touch®, iPad remote control app
  • Remote PC Desktop—VNC
  • Clear Contrast Screen (92-inch class only)

Mitsubishi Diamond 842 3D DLP Home Cinema TV. The ultimate in large-screen home
entertainment, the 842 Series includes 73-inch, 82-inch and 92-inch sizes. The 92-inch model also
features a Clear Contrast Screen to further enhance the high-quality viewing of 3D and high-definition
programming content. Priced at $2,199 (73-inch), $3,599 (82-inch) and $5,999 (92-inch), features
The 842 Series adds:

  • 16-speaker integrated IST
  • Center channel mode
  • Surround Preouts
  • Variable sub-woofer output
  • Internal 3D Glasses Bluetooth® Emitter
  • Bluetooth® A2DP Audio Streaming
  • PerfectColor™/PerfectTint™
  • ISFccc® Advanced Video Adjustments
  • 4 HDMI inputs

Mitsubishi 75-Inch LaserVue TV. The LaserVue combines cinema color with the Clear Contrast
Screen for the best home theater experience delivered by Mitsubishi. Priced at $5,999 the L75-A96
features include:

The A96 Series key features include:

  • Cinema Color
  • Mitsubishi Exclusive Laser Light
  • Engine
  • Plush 1080p 56 12-bit video processor
  • Super Brilliant/Brilliant/Bright/Natural/
  • Cinema/Game
  • Mode
  • Clear Contrast Screen
  • Deep Field Imager/EdgeEnhance
  • Variable Smooth120 Film Motion
  • (Frame rate conversion w/film dejudder)
  • RS-232C over IP Control Capability
  • PerfectColor™/PerfectTint™
  • USB JPEG/MP3 Media Player
  • 2 Component/Composite Video Inputs
  • ISFccc® Advanced Video Adjustments
  • Meets Energy Star 5.3 Qualifications
  • Blue Accent Lighting
  • 3D Depth Control

For more information, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

About Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc.
Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary
of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America
manufactures and markets a complete line of display products including large-screen 3D DLP
televisions, the world’s first laser TV, LaserVue, projectors, data wall display systems, LCD digital
signage monitors and players, industrial printers, photo kiosks and digital photo printers.
For additional information about Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America,
visit www.MEVSA.com or www.Mitsubishi-tv.com.

* Features, specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
“Full HD 3D Glasses” indicates compatibility between TV products and 3D Glasses which are
compliant with the “Full HD 3D Glasses” format and does not indicate picture quality of TV products.
“Full HD 3D Glasses logo and “Full HD 3D Glasses” words are trademark of Full HD 3D Glasses
Press contact:
Mike Lizun
Senior Vice President
Gregory FCA
Direct: 610-642-1435
Mobile: 215-313-0441
[email protected]
These are viable options for anyone looking for a large display at a much lower cost.

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A week ago we just purchased a wd-73740 (last years model) for the living room and love it. I can't believe we have 73 inches of HD bliss for less than $1200.00. I'm glad I didn't get the 65" plasma for close to $3k...I would have killed myself for spending that much money and settling for a 65" screen.

We upgraded from a Samsung 52" (2008 model I think) LCD and the Mitsubishi DLP is much more enjoyable. Did a quick calibration with the Disney wow disc and it looks fantastic.

I've always been a fan of DLP's, in 2004 we purchased a Samsung hlp5063 DLP, heavy usage of about 10 hrs a day. Replaced the color wheel myself in 2010 and went thru about 4 bulbs. Still looks excellent and running strong today. It's now in my sons room at 6-8 hrs a day. :)
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