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MK Kit DIY sub build

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About 3 weeks ago I picked up an M&K parts kit from someone in the UK that imported them from Deep Surplus but didnt go ahead with the build. I picked the kit up for a good price, and so, even though I dont really have any use for this sub, I am building an M&K push pull sub. It uses the 250 watt plate amp and a couple of the super fast deep bass 12" drivers.

The plan is to build the cabinet at about 100 litres based on certain info I have collected. I am also considering a couple options for the configuration. I can either copy the traditional layout or another option I am considering is going dual opposed while keeping the push pull alignment I think these drivers need.

I'll get some images up soon enough, and try decide which way to go with the design.

Heres the model for the traditional layout design:

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That was one of my introductions to amazing subs back in the day. Good ol M&K...... I will be following this also.
I went and bought the MDF today, so I will start the build tomorrow. I also have my new internet kit coming so hopefully I will be able to upload pictures again by this time tomorrow too.
I started this today and took some pictures. I am currently trying to upload them but as has been the problem lately, they just wont seem to upload. Soon as I can get that issue sorted, I will have some pictures up. Basically, the box is assembled, both driver holes cut out and I tested out some black spray paint on the front of the cab. Tomorrow I will make the cut out for the amp and knowing me wont be able to resist putting in the drivers and amp for a test run.
:yay2: Awesome. I look forward to your impressions of the completed sub.

I have always loved there subs but never really new how they compared to others or if I just had a special place in my heart for them.
I'm building this because the kit came up cheap, to cheap to really turn down. I didnt want a sub as I want to go IB, but this is a nice put me on. I used to have 2 MX 125 subs, and loved them to bits. The sound quality is glorious and exceptionally musical. They also go pretty deep considering the rather ordinary drivers and fairly low power (although they are very well built amps in terms of power, 250 RMS output with a 400 watt rated consumption ;)). They are fast and time very well, although they can come over as a bit wild when youve been spoiled with some of the subs I have over time.

I got this up and running last night, and I am very pleased. I built the cabinet too big (intentionally as I had no driver specs to model with) so had to displace some volume. The net result is a larger sub than required or wanted really, but thems the breaks as they say.

Having a decent sub back again has been great, its so apparent how much I missed decent bass. In my pretty conservatively sized room, it has more grunt than I need, with the gain on about 25% and the amp trimmed at about -10db. I'll try make some time to do an REW sweep at some point, and hopefully get the pics up ASAP.

As far as these mk subs go, they are excellent IMO for such compact subs. They obviously dont go super low in terms of comparing to LLTs etc, but you can still feel them plenty, and they have the ability to punch in a way LLTs really cant hope to match unless you either have lots of them or use them in smaller rooms.
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Cant wait for the pics!!

I have always thought of building one but never quite understood what all was going on in the design.

I would probably just try and clone the 150thx sub.
Nice!!! What thickness panels are those?

They look like 25mm but I cant tell from the pic.
Yeah its all 25mm, although I doubled up the baffle (more or less) by adding 18mm behind that. The cabinet was too big though, as I had to guess a little on dimensions. It worked out 90 litres but I displaced around 30% of it in the end.

Still a bit to do, but money has run out for another month. When I can, I need to fill it, sand it and then paint it. I also need to make a grill and add in some poly fill. I will experiment with it a little, then when I know I am happy with the size, I may remake it and finish that box instead.

I'll update things when I can.
For Christ sake moonfly !!!!

You are an inspiration, pouring out the builds buddy !!! So cool my good man, keep up the great work.

Keep us posted on the final analysis ;-)
Ive managed to get it sounding as it should now (man Ive missed having a sub :D) and the impact this fairly small and low powered design delivers is ridiculous. Its a little wild at times, but not in an uncontrolled way, just a bit of an animal. For anyone wanting a compact design, I cant really say anything wrong about these MK's, really cant.

Given the cab is oversized, and I simply wont ever need a larger cab as the design cant handle it anyway, I have decided that next month I will make a new cab to the correct size. The I can take my time finishing it to a good standard without having to suffer the inconvenience of no sub.

The new cabinet will be 60 litres, but use the same design. This will reduce the overall dimensions by about 30%.

The paint, while a little expensive, did go onto raw MDF very nicely, so getting a nice finish from it should be very realistic. I think that I will eventually settle on basic satin black. It wont be on show in my home and any other colour would be at odd with everything else. I did fancy trying a veneered finish, but I simply just dont have the need. I am however toying with the idea of a black faux leather finish, although I think the unusual cabinet design may make the very impractical. Ultimately, I think basic satin will be the finish.
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I plan doing a similar sub but dont knopw where to find the woofers? Who makes them?
Nice build!
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