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I've been modelling different drivers in an IB config with different amounts of wattage powering them as well as SSF's at differing frequencies and variable single band parametric EQ boosts at various frequencies (like what could be done with the Reckhorn B2). It's pretty cool.

I'm a little confused. I know boosting a signal eats up a lot of amplifier power... and I know it's considered best to only cut signals. But, it seems like adding a little boost at 20Hz is OK given the fact that a SSF is used. So, with WinISD, first you have the naked response of a driver with a given wattage. I would maximize wattage while watching cone excursion such that it gets close to but not surpassing Xmax. Then, if I add in boost at 20Hz, I might have to give the drivers less wattage to keep them from exceeding Xmax. That doesn't seem right to me, though, as I thought one needs more power to compensate for boosting the signal (to keep the amp from clipping). Yet, according to WinISD, if I add more power, the sub will bottom out.

Please help. My logic must be off. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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