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hopefully it's the right place to post: I'm thinking about, to modify my Phonic P8A, which are great Genelec copies for that price. They sound much less noisy than my Tannoys, which are incredible bad at the noise-Floor but they have a much better localisation.

The Phonic are not identical in the frequency response, which could be one point for the bad localisation. And they were really cheap, so there are not the best chassis used, but the amping is performing well.

I would like to build a new speaker choosing every single part, but it would be much more expensive, than buying a good one, because I would pay a lot for learning by doing. (There is no difference between theory and practical - in theory, but in practical there it is).

So I want to pimp my speaker by exchanging the high-chassis (phaseaccurate) again a Air-Motion-Transformer, which is my preferred principle, because of the best flat response and nice transients. That would be easy: the crossover frequency will work on AMT as well, the impedance of the system can be choosed carefully and the level will be finalized by sensitivity and measuring (I think I just have to reduce it a little bit via resistors). Same with the phase: good starting point should be the current position of the current system, measure and correct if it's not accurate. Now there is a waveguide, but I think, I don't need any, if I don't have to put it too deep in the MDF. Should be as simple, should'nt?

Sadly, I have no anechoic room for play and measure :)

And sadly it's hard to get those AMT for a good price. I like the AMT from Mundorf, but I'm interested, if you could make another recomondation for the speaker and where to buy.

Any ideas?
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