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I just put this in my bike yesterday - look for it on Crutchfield


I have a 2001 FLTRSEI2 - Screamin Eagle Road Glide. Check out this 8" self contained subwoofer from Blaupunkt with a 70 watt amp. It accepts high level inputs, right and left, so you can just splice this in without hurting your system impedance. It has a phase adjustment on it as well as volume and crossover.

I have a removable tourpak so I will keep the sub in the tourpak when I have it on the bike. When I don't I can just slide it in one of the saddle bags. I have some padding around the edges to protect it.

It works great, as long as you don't completely seal the enclosure - I know, that's a problem. I may try to vent the inside edge of the saddle bag but for the tourpak, I haven't exactly decided how to allow the sound to escape. With the tourpak lid sligltly ajar - say, less than an inch from being closed - this thing adds TONS of bass to the system. It is very noticeable when driving.

Not perfect yet, but still in process - a GREAT start!!

Just let's not have all of you go out and get one - I'd kind of like to have the only one around!!

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