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I have been reading through tons of posts here and for my DIY screen I think that I am best suited to go with a 4x8 sheet of MDF (w/ no wood frame behind it, I see no reason for it) with C&S. However, I can not figure out the best way to mount it to the wall. I like the French Cleat but I am unsure how exactly do you attach the one side of the cleat to the MDF? Do you use a glue with screws? How safe is it to screw into MDF? I have no experience with it. If I got a 1/4'' sheet, how deep into it can I go with a screw safely?

How much does a 1/4'' 4x8 Sheet of MDF weigh? Would one cleat towards the top be able to support it?

Would it be acceptable to just screw the sheet directly to the wall by putting wood screws straight though the front into a stud? I was thinking this would be ok, if I did it along the edges and hid them underneath the screen border. Then later I could just back the screws out and away we go if I need to take it down.

Sorry to pepper everyone with questions. I would appreciate any advice anyone wanted to give.

Thank you,

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One cleat will support your mdf.

A 1/4" mdf panel weighs ~ 33 pounds.

Attach the cleat with construction adhesive. That will easily hold the weight. You can talk to your local home center people and find something that may be stronger.

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