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Movie theatre calibrations

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Dear All
i am working a projectionist in a multyplex
we are using Dolby cp 750 processor and crown amplifirer
any method of sound calibration via REW. i have own a behringer calibration mic and sound cards
Hepl me please
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I'm going to guess you have some processor specific EQ program. You're dealing with probably what 32ch of audio in addition to maybe 4 LFE channels (assuming you're not an atmos or imax theater). You could measure each channel individually assuming you were able to adjust EQ/delay manually for the system. You'll probably not be able to use rew for any group timing tests. You'll also only be EQing for a single seated position.
Looks like you will have 1/3oct adjustments for 7 channels and a single LFE feed. So technically yes maybe.
Thanks For Replay

But Atmos theatre calibrate Via REW ! Any Idea For ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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