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my current system,

reciever; Denon AVR1800------the next on the list for upgrade, will probably stick with Denon:bigsmile:

cd player; Yamaha CDC 645

blue ray; Sony BDP 350

satelite; Bell 9200 pvr

remote; Logitec Harmony 880

Theater TV; Panasonic TH 50PX75U Plasma

Bedroom TV; LG 42LC7D

wifi, mp3 music streaming; I Mac & Macbook air, Use the air mostly for i tunes. Apple Airport express for reciever mp3 streaming and Blue ray updates & Airport extreme for general Wifi.


Mains; Custom DIY towers using 2 Vifa drivers

Center; Custom DIY using 3 Vifa drivers

Surrounds: Custom Dipole/Bipole using 2 Vifa tweeters and 2 Energy /Tannoy Mids

Subwoofer; DIY CSS Trio 12 passive box.
Currently in progress http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/creative-sound-solutions/23297-trio-12-end-table-build.html
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