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My AE AV15X sub with 18-2100 PR's build, tuned to 15.5hz

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Even though I finished this subwoofer project a while back, I'm posting it right now for the first time. The sub's size is 20"W x 24"D x 39"H, with a double front bafle and double side walls were the PR's are mounted flush, just like the sub driver. I did two vertical window braces and three horizontal window braces for a very strong (inert) enclosure. It's made out of birch ply and has three coats of stain to match the color of my wall unit. The total weight of the sub is 195lbs. It has on the back ED LT1300 plate amp (1,300watts). The box came out to 7cf internal (actually more like 8cf after 5-lbs of polyfill was added) for a tune of 15.5hz. I have ED EQ2 for the eq./subsonic filter which is set somewhere between 14-15hz.

The whole project took me about 40-hours using a jigsaw, table saw and power drill. I did not used any clamps. I used titebond glue and the panels were held together using 2" wood screws. This box has well over a pound of screws (close to 300). It took two 4' x 8' birch ply sheets. I have 1/3" rubber feets on this sub, 3/4" birch veneer roll to cover the panel edges and as you can see in the picture, some front enclosure wood trim to give it a little touch. Supplies came to about $200 which included the ply wood, wood trim, 3/4" veneer, glue, rubber feet, stain, wire, screws and the polyfill. Add $350 for the amp (it's now $450), $500 for the AV15X driver with two 18" PR's with 2100 grams each and $100 for ED EQ2 and you have a total of $1,150 for the whole project. Also, I had my AV15X sub cone painted black by John at AE which blended better with the decor.

About a year and half ago I did a 4cf sealed box and while it sounded great, it was not enough for my 6,000cf room. During that time, I've used the CCS SDX 15" sub, TC 3K 15" sub and now my favorite of them all, AV15X 15" sub. This sub simply rocks in my large room with great low end extension/rumble to go with a great mid-bass slam (SQ) which this sub is very well known for. I used a Radio Shack meter to measure the test tones and I have a very good response, flat for the most part. Here is what I measured at a moderate level on my receiver with a sitting distance some 12ft away, 80hz for the crossover and the sub calibrated flat with the speakers. I'm now using a 100hz crossover for the sub and it blends superbly with my speakers. Here are my readings with the corrections made to the meter for the low frequencies and no eq. applied;


I'm only cutting about 4db's with my eq. at 50hz. As for the fotos, they are low resolution in order to fit them here. I have many more fotos, specially for the inside of the enclosure, but due to their high resolution, I could not fit them here. Anyways, I'm very happy with the output this sub provides along with the great articulation. I srongly recommend it, great build quality, price and performace.
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Sounds interesting with good output from that driver in a single driver cab.

Do you have any pics?
I'm trying post and manage files and have no luck for pics. I tried with one, then several pics and nothing. This is frustrating, it's so much easier to post pics over at AVSForum. If someone wants to help me with posting pics, I'll appreciated it.
Theres a walk throuigh on pic here:


It's usually best to save them as jpegs first. If you have any trouble you can email them to me and I'll gladly post them for you.
Also, you could try using something like PIXresizer to reduce the file sizes a little. 800x600 seems to work best for me, Ive had seemingly ok files fail from time to time, but never at that size.
I have the same problem. I just use photoshop but I do think the file size should be increase a little especially when you are uploading things like winisd graphs because they end up too pixelated. Sorry I am a colour retoucher and work with images everyday.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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