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I think I posted here before, but I couldn't find it. I know that this is a qualifer for the SVS give away so I'm posting a new one.

Current setup is just a simple 2.0 setup and consists of the following:

Samsung 30" slimfit tube TV
Xbox 360 used for DVD/video games
Yamaha entry level surround reciever (pushing 2 yrs old)
Klipsch KG 4.2 speakers

the 360 is connected using the monster cable setup that connects it to the TV using component cables, and the reciever with a optical cable.

I used to have a samsung upconvert DVD player that I LOOOVEEED, but my wife took it when she left. However, if the 360 is set for 1080I it actualy does a pretty good upconversion. SQs not bad either.

I have Iso pucks under the 360 that helps to keep it cool, and kill the vibrations it sends through the shelf.

TV has great picture. I love it but I think it has a problem with the power supply, because at very random times...like on a touch down run... it will just turn off.

Reciever will be upgraded eventualy to something that allows for use of uncompressed audio when I buy a blue ray player.

I love the Klipsch speakers, they sound great for how old they are. Would like to find several of the 5.2s...other wise I may upgrade to something else as money allows.
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