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My Current & Future setup

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Right now I'm just starting to build up my HT as I recently got a house. My TV in the living room will go back to my bedroom once I get a bigger TV. I have a 12" CRT TV in the office, and a 19" CRT in the bedroom for now (will be moved to the kitchen later once my 32" returns)

TV: 32" LCD Hyperion $250 Menards special. (Will be soon a Sharp 60" LC-60E88UN)
VCR: Sony Hi-Fi 1994 model. $3 Salvation Army special, used to play old tapes and send cable TV to the AVR.
CD Changer: Pioneer, 1998 model.
AVR: Pioneer VSX-1120K
8 gb flash drive w/MP3's

Speakers: (5.1)
L/R BIC Acoustech PL-89
Center BIC Acoustech PL-28
Surrounds BIC Acoustech PL-66
Sub Emotiva Ultra 12" (will build a ported 7cuft 15" tempest x2 DIY later)

Speaker stands are in the works, custom. Same will be for the TV stand once I get the TV to fit the 10" high center speaker.

I'll be running some cat6 to the same place where the cable is. This will feed the AVR for web control and Internet radio, as well as possible HTPC later. I might do a small energy saving PC like an Acer Revo with a huge HD full of DVD ISO rips so I don't have to change discs ever again!

So that's it. Big speakers, big TV. HT in my living room. The space is fairly big with vaulted ceilings open to the kitchen, about 5600 cubic feet estimated all including.
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