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New to this forum, and want to list my current set-up I will post photo's soon.

JVC HD1 pj
Carrada Criterian 2.35x1 136" screen with diy power shutters for aspec ratio change

Pani 350 blu ray
Tosh HD1
Integra DTC 9.8 pre-pro
Adcom GFA 555 amp for front speakers
Adcom 2325 used as 3 Channel for center-sur left and sur rt
Adcom 60 watt ( forgot model#) for rear surrouinds
Monster 5000 power

fronts Kef ref 104.2 old but still sound great
center dyi 3 way double Ipolito with morel and Dynaudio drivers, custom crossover, 2.8cft
surrounds Sonus Faber concertos.
Sub Energy 10"
Theater 24' by 14' at screen end and by 24' at rear seating end, with 9 foot ceiling in the center.
Seating Berkline black leather with power recline, 2 rows of 3, back row on 11" h platform.

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Hi Tony, Welcome aboard!

Nice setup you have there.

@Prof, I think he means masking on his screen.

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What a great room you created to watch a movie in!!!! Love the columns!

Isn't it fun to entertain, having people over to watch a movie. I always hear from new couples that come in, "Honey, this is what we should do!" and the reponse is, "It would be nice, but it would cost too much!" "Thanks Jeff!, that's the last time we come over here!" LOL
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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