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Herc Driver here. :)

Sharp Aquos TV's (52, 46 and 42 inches - all 1080p/60Hz models)

Denon 3808CI Reciever

Dish VIP 622 and 722 HD Receivers
PS3 for streaming media and games
WD HD Media Player

Monster HTPS 7000 Power Center (please no haters... I got a great deal... lol)

Crown XTi 2000 amp for my future sub... currently using an MTX car sub as a temp. :sad:

Main speakers are a home built set of slightly modified the Zaph Audio Revelators. Thread and picture can be found here: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/diy-speakers/12087-finally-finished-revelator-build.html

If you have a question for me regarding any of my stuff and send me a message please be patient for a response. I'm not deployed right now but I am Active Duty Air Force and in a squadron that deploys 4 months out then 4 months back so it may just be that I am "out" at the moment. We do have the net there but time and speed are very limited :)

Good luck in your searching/building and have fun! :D
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