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Hey guys, joined here a while ago but forgot to post all my stuff.

I've got a 12x15x8' dedicated HT room in the basement with two couches in a row for seating (DIY 8" riser for the rear couch). I think I have some pics online, but I'll check for more when I get home.

Currently running equipment:
-Optoma HD32 DLP 720p projector (it's a rebadged HD70)
-DIY 112" blackout cloth screen
-Denon AVR-887
-Sony PS3 60gb
-Toshiba HD-A3
-Comcast HD box w/ DVR
Speakers are all mismatched unfortunately, but they are:
-Infinity Sterling something or other center
-Athena whatevers for mains
-JBL Northridge rear surrounds
-DIY 4cf tuned to 21hz sub using an OZ 12" speaker and Dayton 240w plate amp

I just purchased the plans for a Tuba HT from Bill Fitzmaurice and will hopefully build that this winter. I've also wanted to do acoutical treatments in my room as it's very bright - clapping your hands sounds like an empty room almost. :hissyfit: I'd also like to build a HTPC with BluRay capabilities... Just like everyone in this hobby, there are way too many "wants" and not enough $$$. :T
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