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Yamaha rx-V657 7.1 receiver

Klipsch RB-35 8" mains

Klipsch SB-2 6.5" surrounds

Acoustech HT-65 6.5"x2 center

Subwoofers (2) (3x15" system):XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

TC Sounds TC3000 2x15" sealed subXXXXXXXXXXXXX

TC Sounds TC3000 1x15" sealed subXXXXXXXXXXXX

Hitachi 50v500 lcd

Samsung HD-860 DVD

QSC PLX3102 (sub amp/3.1 kW) 2x15XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Behringer EP2500 (sub amp/2.4 kW) 1x15XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Behringer FBQ 2496 (sub equalizer)

Behringer ECM 8000 microphone

Rolls MP13 phantom power


HTPC: Toshiba A65 w Audigy2 ZS/THX sdcard

Radio shack digital spl meter

Room EQ Wizard, trueRTA and etf5 software

...everything X has been sold this year so i'm looking to rebirth the system with either a Maelstrom 21 or a 2x18 Mach 5 IXL sealed...i have two empty enclosures to fill...
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