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My First DIY Screen

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WOW is what came to mind when i stood back to look at my 140" 16.9 screen. The wall was perfectly flat apart from a few marks that i filled. Next off to Bunnings to buy 2L British Paints ultra flat white designed for theatre screens and low sheen Nippon Black 75mm border. The cost only $36

The reason i made another screen is my 180" 16.9 is too big for the HT room. Im buying black acoustic curtains for the room 5m wide and 6m long. I have brought a calibration DVD and When i find the camera i will post pics up im very happy with the result and the picture. cheers Troy:yay2:
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One thing Troy...
If the Nippon black paint has any sheen to it, it's not going to be suitable for a border,,
well its ok due to it being very flat the guy in bunnings said its more flat than low sheen. I watched miami vice and it looked realy good the borders were ok no bleed out or shine on the border cant wait to calibrate cheers Troy
That's good to hear..

I'll be making a temporary border myself shortly, while I wait for the velvet to arrive..
I might take a look at that Nippon paint..
I cant wait to finish my HT room. I will be building 2 24" sono subs with 18" Mach 5 tuned to 15Hz not to mention the 75L 12" Audiopipe i have up front. The sonosubs are for the rear cant wait for the thunder to strike i want to start building next week cheers Troy
WOW!!..That's going to be some terrifying bass..:yikes: :hsd:
Where did you get the 18 inchers from.?
Contact Sam at Affordable Drivers www.affordabledrivers.com.au I will be buying mine next week
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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