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You have done your homework! Good to have you on board here at the Shack.

I see no problem with your approach. The IB suggestion is another valid approach if it fits your application. A single ported Shiva has great output for the "Small HT". :yes: The box design looks fine, and you can often get by with smaller ports with higher peak velocities at maximum output if you find yourself having issues with the port length or size. The dual 4" flared port never seems to have audible chuffing problems and it is significantly less area than your planned 36 in^2 port area. I think anything over about 28 in^2 would be sufficient as long as you are putting a roundover on the exit/entry of the port. Also consider that you will be using a subsonic filter, which will greatly decrease the port velocity @ 19hz.

I see nothing at all wrong with how you have it designed. If it where for me, I'd make the port smaller & shorter but that is the only change I'd make. Excellent first post!

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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