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This whole thing is new to me, and I have started to read through the help files and tutorials which has helped me so far in getting things set up and actually get some measurements results out of it.

My Setup is as following:
PC, USB DAC, Power Amp, Stereo Full Range Speakers.
Dayton UMM-6 USB mic. (Dayton Calibration File)
REW V5.01 Beta 24 build 3556

I managed to do a couple of measurements with the signal coming from both front speakers and with the mic pointed towards the speakers aimed in between. And a measurement with the mic aimed at the ceiling. All at the listening position.

Adjusting the level sweep to -40dB results into a 75dB SPL at the listen position.
Adjusting the mic input volume (0.891) results into an input/output offset of +/- 0.8 dB.
Adjusting the level sweep to -24dB results into an 8dB headroom when taking the measurements.

The result is a 63dB - 147dB SPL graph and a 50dB -148dB SPL graph. I am pretty sure that that is not correct and would have blown my ears and system

I would like to EQ my room, and to understand why and what I am doing. This will require from me to be able to read and understand the different graphs and all. but I am staring at my screen :eek: and trying to figure out what smoothing the graph does and which settings to use, and if this graph is correct.


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When you increased the level of the sweep you blew out the SPL calibration. There’s no reason to maximize headroom. The program will give a warning when the sweep level is too low or too high; if you don’t see either, then you’re good.

Still, that doesn’t account for the high levels your graphs are showing. Maybe John can shed some light, but I suspect something with the Dayton calibration file.

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