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My graph is a bit unusual. Can you take a look?

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Hi, My graph is a bit unusual. Can you take a look?
I'm using a 5-inch book shelf speaker.(JBL)
As you can see I have a dip of 100 Hz on both sides. However, it seems that 70~90hz is too low, except for the dip of 100hz.(Especially the left speaker. I tried to apply EQ only below 200hz to control resonance, but I don't know where to target. The graph is weird.)

My room is 8.8 feet by 9.84 feet and 7.54 feet high.
I've seen some comments asking me to use a subwoofer, but it's actually going to be difficult because I live in a common apartment.
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Can somebody help me? plz.
Btw, I have BASSTRAP. And it's filled to the ceiling in both corners of my front wall, and there's one more behind my monitor.
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For the 100hz dip, I recommend moving your speakers/desk at least 1 foot in any direction and testing again.
Then moving even further away than that and testing again.
Finally, I would test with the speakers dead center of your room.
Now you have 3 measurements, original, 1 foot away, 3 feet away and dead center of the room.
You need to determine if it is a room generated null that you are fighting. Because I am sure you are asking if it is the amp, the speakers, the direction they are aimed, etc.
Once you can confirm that it is a room generated null or not you can proceed on to the next concern. That means that if it is a null, you can (generally) only fix it by moving the speakers.
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