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My housecurve, REW, FBQ2496 & SVSs

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I've used new Version of REW, M-audio Sonica USB sound card & Manual Radioshack meter to generate housecurve.

SB12+ housecurve

PC Plus 25-31 wth upgraded 12.3 driver

PC Plus 25-31 with old 12.2 driver

I had phase problems while running two subs together, but sorted out manually. I've the wow factor with most of the materials thrown in. I'm running music from squeezebox->Sony STR-DA3200ES and movie from Toshiba HD A1 (LPCM)->Sony STR-DA3200ES

Still i'm wondering how can I calibrate both the subs together

any comments, suggestions much appreciated.

thank you
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any comments, suggestions much appreciated.
In the interest of comparing apples to apples here at HTS, we like graphs presented with a vertical scale of 45dB to 105dB and horizontal scale of 15Hz to 200Hz. Usually we calibrate REW to 75dB for measurements.

There are people that seem to have luck equalizing two subs, but many do not. The easiest method of EQing them is by using two subs that are identical and co-locating them. Each can be EQ'ed by itself and then the two put together and hopefully all that's required is tweaking...

thanks fpr the tips. will do it again later and post the results.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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