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Home Theater

HR20-700 (Directv HD-DVR).
Sony DVPNC85HB 5-disc upconverting DVD player
Panasonic BD35 Blu Ray player
Pioneer Elite VSX-03TXH Receiver.
Panasonic AE700U Projector
Carada Brilliant White 126" screen.
Axiom speakers ( M22ti fronts, VP150 center, QS8 sides and QS4 rears )
SVS PB12-ISD/2 Subwoofer.
Sony SLV-695HF VCR.
Belkin 1500VA UPS.

Living Room

HR21-100 (Directv HD-DVR)
HR21-700 (Directv HD-DVR)
JVC XV-BP1 Blu Ray player
Mitsubishi 65837 DLP HDTV
Sony SLV-695HF VCR
Sony STR-DE945 receiver
Klipsch Quintet speakers
Klipsch KSW-12 Subwoofer .
Power Sentry 1000VA UPS unit.
WD HDTV (and two 1TB WDHD's)
Channel Plus 5425 Modulator - Distributes DVR's and WD HDTV to every other TV (7) in the house.
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