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My Modest system

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Here's my current setup.

Display: 36" JVC D-Series CRT TV
Receiver: Denon AVR 791
DVD Player: Cheap JVC
CD Player: Onkyo DX-C380
Speakers: AV123 ELT525 (Towers for Fronts, bookshelf for surrounds, and a Center channel)
Subwoofer: cheap 8" thing that's ~8 years old.

Soon to add: Oppo brd-93, Epson 8350 projector (once moved into the new house), and home-made subwoofer (TBD).
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Have now added the oppo nice little unit it is.

Still deciding on the display.
Updated... :)

Decided to give the Optoma HD200X projector a shot.
on sale at Costco.ca
should be here in a couple days.

Wall is coming down in the basement to make room for a proper theater.

I'll do a build thread when I get a bit more done.
The Optoma should be a fun step up from the JVC!

Looking forward to your thoughts on it...
Optoma arrived yesterday.
quick plug-in to make sure it worked, ran a bit of tron legacy through, looks aweome.
Wife agreed.
Now, just waiting on my wires from Monoprice....
it'll be a long week.
Well, if you've been following my build thread, I returned the Optoma.
3 BIG reasons:
DLP Rainbow Effect - bugged the out of me.
NOISE. very loud fan when on low, extremely loud when on bright.
So much light leakage that I thought about using it as a light fixture.

I purchased an Epson 8350 that should solve every one of those.
so I guess I'll just do fresh post of the system:

Display: Epson 8350 onto 122" painted screen
Speakers: AV123 ELT 525 set
Receiver Denon AVR 791
Media Player: Oppo BDP 93
CD player: Onkyo
Subwoofer: so bad I don't know why I bother plugging it in (next piece to be replaced).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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