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Magnepan MC1 fronts and surround
Magnepan CC3 center
Def Tech Super Cube 1
Pioneer 50" kuro display (8g)
Emotiva XPA-5
Denon AVR-3808ci
Denon DVD-2500BDCI
Panamax 5400pm
Xbox 360

Paradigm studio 20's
PS Audio PCA-2
Emotiva ERC-1
Emotiva UPA-2
AV123 MFW 15
Rythmik Audio DIY ds1200
APC h15

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I'm using a Definitive Technologies Super Cube 1. Its quite an amazing little sub for how small it is, but it has the same limitations as any small subwoofer. It matches up alright with the MC1's but not perfectly. My room is a bass nightmare, so that doesn't help out at all. I have my crossover set at 100hz and I am pretty happy with it. I don't use this system for stereo, but for movies the bass matches up good enough. I have noticed that the Maggies tend to bring out the worst of bad recordings. Some regular DD soundtracks sound pretty thin, but when you get a really good lossless audio track it sounds amazing. I am also very interested in Magnepans new woofer. I first heard about it about a year ago and haven't heard anything since. I haven't figured out how to get REW to work on my Macbook Pro yet, but when I do I should be able to greatly improve the bass response in my room. Right now I am using Auddyssee and although I feel it improves the overall sound, I think it has kind of a hard time with the Maggie's being dipoles.

The CC3 is a great center channel IF your room allows it to be set up right. It needs to be at least a foot out from any walls, 3-4 feet would be even better. I have mine mounted above my tv on some custom brackets that put it out about 14" from the wall. I noticed a slight degradation is sound from when I had it 4 feet from the wall on a stand, but that was sitting right in front of a fireplace so that wasn't an long term option. Plus it looks awesome mounted above the tv angled down at the viewer. My biggest complaint with the CC3 is its horizontal dispersion. If you had a deep and narrow room it might not be an issue, but in my short and wide room its not perfect. I loose 3-4 db from the speaker just by moving 2 feet from center and the farther out you go the more you loose. Because of this it can be a little hard to hear dialog if you are not sitting dead center. I will say though, that when I'm in the sweet spot its one of the clearest more detailed center speakers I have heard.

Another thing I should mention about the CC3 is that it is a complete power hog. When I first got it I was using my AVR-3808's internal amp and it just didn't have enough headroom. Switching to a XPA-5 was a major improvement, but I still feel the CC3 needs more power.
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