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Wow, that's some pretty severe equalizing...

Looks like you have ~15 dB boost at 20 Hz? Plus a lot in the 50 Hz and 90 Hz regions? Plus some extremely narrow filters, which seldom offer any benefit. With that much equalizing, especially down low, I hope your system has enough headroom to handle it...

Your baseline graph shows fairly severe deviation between the peaks and valleys. It would be best to find another location that would give a better baseline that would facilite less severe equalizing. Also, I see you've equalized all the way up to 150 Hz or so. There's usually no reason to equalize above the crossover point.

On the plus side, your waterfall looks really good. If nothing else it offers evidence that boosting filters don't result in increased ringing! You might want to take a look at it with a 300 ms window.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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