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I'm pretty new, and not horribly knowledgeable so take what I say with a grain of salt :)

With a large null like you have at 66hz, you won't really be able to EQ that away. (EQ is good for flattening peaks, but it takes a LOT of power to knock nulls upwards even a bit)

You should be able to get some flatter response in other areas with EQ though, taming your 30-60hz range and 70-90hz range a bit.

Have you tried spinning your sub in place, changing where the grill is facing? (And where the port faces, if you have a ported sub?)

When I was playing around with my sub placement, I noticed that facing the grills (I have 2 separate subs) towards the walls/corners where they were placed was causing nulls for me, but spinning them so that the grill/speaker faced my listening area got rid of/substantially improved the nulls.
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