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Like some of the others have said, if you have some input I'm all ears

screen--92" elite motorized
projector--mitsubishi hc1500
surr bk--kg5.5's
receiver--denon 2808
subs--4 12"svs cs-ultra's---sms-1 eq---ep2500 amp
monster power cond.
toshiba hd-a2

I have all 4 corners trapped as well as the ceiling. Front wall insulated, center of back wall also., and first reflection points. Black curtains cover everything....walls and traps. I have a stage built which houses all my gear and everything is hidden behind black cloth (no lights to distract from movie). 2 rows of matching seats (berkline sofa's), the back one is obvously elevated. About the only project I'm really working on now is what type of lighting I wan't to go with. Think that about covers it, I'll try and post a couple of picks.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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