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Here's all my various home theater parts for those who might be interested.

Current In Use Gadgetry

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-919AH-K
DVD Player: Toshiba SD-6100U
Display: JVC AV-27FA44 CRT
Satellite Receiver: Starchoice/Shaw Direct DSR-317
Gaming: Xbox
Line Conditioner: Tripp-Lite 1200VA
Subwoofer Processing: Reckhorn B-2
Subwoofer Amplification: QSC RMX-1850HD

Speakers: 7x DIY Chrysler/Infinity (seriously) - 2x 5.25" coaxials with EMIT tweeter per speaker
Subwoofer: DIY Dual Tang Band W8Q-1071F Tapped Horn @ 16Hz​


-20A dedicated circuit for sub amp, located elsewhere in basement, wired to breaker panel with 12/2
-60' 10 gauge wire to subwoofer, RG-58U interconnect between amp/processor and receiver
-approx 300' of 14 gauge wire to 7 channel main speakers
-home theater components and sub amp are on the same service leg at the breaker panel​

Current Standby Gadgetry

DVD Players: RJTech RJ-800DVXIII for DivX, Panasonic DVD-S47 for DTS output​

Past Gadgetry

Receiver: Kenwood VR-257 Pro-Logic
Speakers: all DIY back to childhood​

Planned Upgrades

-sell IXL sub and build up a Maelstrom-X 21"
-bye-bye CRT, hello front projector
-Starchoice/Shaw Direct HD receiver​
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