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Since I can't seem to find my other thread about my equiptment, I guess I'll just start a new one. I looked through all of the pages and still couldn't find it (?) hmm.

My so-called "theater" (cheap as it may be) consists of my bedroom.
Tv: 32" 1080p Vizio
DVD, Blu-Ray player and gaming colsole: Sony Playstation 3 Slim 120 GB
Receiver: Insignia 500w 5.1ch
Front Speakers: Bose 301 Series 2 I think. They are going to be replaced with either an Anarchy MTM or TM soon.
Surround speakers: cheap JVC's until I get new ones. Might be replaced with the RBK kit from Madiosound or something else.
Pre-Amp: Behringer MIC2200
Amp: Behringer EP2500
Sub: Exodus Audio Maelstrom-X
Sub-EQ: possibly the Anitmode 8033 if I decide to get it.

Can't wait to start upgrading the fronts, surrounds, and other things. :bigsmile:
But it can't cost too much or my parents will be :paddle: me :rolleyesno: haha
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