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MythTV server + A110 ?

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I'm trying to finish up my build of a backend MythTV server in the basement, and wondering how well the A110 will mesh with my plans.

Currently have a couple HDTVs (1080P Sony 40" LCD and 720p Samsung Plasma 32") that are currently being fed by Comcast cable. I'm also looking at Dish or Direct TV.

I'm thinking the A110 might be a good alternative to a MythTV client if I don't care about PVR.

So, my question follows:

Will I be able to access media files from my MythTV backend server (wired gigabit), such as various DVDs I own and will rip to the Linux server, pictures, and lossless audio files like PCM (maybe FLAC) ripped from CDs I own ?
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Sorry for the late reply, but I don't see why this wouldn't work, assuming Myth is saving files in a format PH can playback. My dad was doing something similar with a snapstream server a while back.
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