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n00bie from SoCal

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Hello all, I guess this is a formality that i overlooked. I am in the process of searching out an entirely new HT system. I began by replacing a twice broken Hitachi RPTV with a shiny new Sony 46XBR4... I love my new LCD-TV. It deserves to have equally high class friends to play with, so I am obliging and replacing all my 10-20yr old gear with bigger, better, stronger, faster stuff. So, I am starting my upgrade with a nice set of Speakers, just the front channels for now. Then I will get a new receiver or pre/pro and amp. Then add the center channel, sub and the surrounds until I have a 7.1 system and all my gear is out of date again :thud:

cheers all
I am enjoying the journey
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Hi Greg and welcome to the Shack!

We appreciate your participation and look forward to having you around for a long time to come. :T
Thanks guys,
seems like there are some nice folks around here, glad to be a part of the community.
Sorry Greg, your disease (upgradeitis) is about the only one I can't help. I have it myself-wouldn'r cure it if I could. Have Fun! Dennis
Welcome Greg, looking forward to seeing you around the Shack.
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