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Might I suggest that you try to find either the M15 HD or M15 HD2. Then you have some options to upgrade using the MDC modules. E.g. I think that NAD's support indicated to me that the MDC module that will come next year to M17 (to get it to support HDMI 2.0) would be compatible also with M15 HD.

HD models have OSD on HDMI output(s). And the difference between the HD and HD2 is just that the HD2 comes equipped with the MV15 MDC module (currently the only existing Master series MDC module). Without the MV15 the HD model suffers a little when the video signals are always processed, and there is e.g. no automatic frame rate switching. (So, one needs to create separate presets for 24p, 50p and 60p outputs.)

One other minor "fault" in the M15 HD that I can come up with is that the only analog audio input that is not forcibly A/D converted, is the 7.1 input. So, I have to use the 7.1 input to connect my external DAC. No Source Direct mode exists on the other inputs. That might be a minor drag if I e.g. had an LP player etc. additional 2ch sources. The converters are good though..
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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