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I just upgraded my theater to a 7.2 speaker setup, from a 5.2 setup. The rear surrounds were added over the last week. It was expensive, after hiring my electrician to run the wires! Plus the purchase of new Klipsch speakers (which sound great!).

But my T163 was previously programmed with the rear surrounds being "off", or not installed. Now the unit will not respond to inputs from the remote, and that is the only way I know of to program the rear surrounds into the system.

The remote is working fine, as it is used to control other items in the theater.

Is there any way to access the on screen menu other than with the remote control? It looks like I may have to buy a new pre-pro if there is no solution. This one is still working great, with all of the processing we want or need. The sound quality on pure audio is as good as my stereo only vacuum tube preamp and separate solid state power amp combo.

Yes, I have installed new batteries in the remote. And all of the suggestions in the owner's manual were followed. Nothing worked.

For digital processing, the rear surrounds are selected "Off". Now with the rears installed, if we use the EXT 7.1 option (analog), will the rears function? We are using the analog 7.1 inputs from the Blu-Ray / DVD player.

As stated, I can't access the speaker setup OSD menu.

Any help?
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