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Nakamichi speaker cable

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I will start with the facts:

6N oxygen free copper (99.9999% purity)

wire gauges 11 (4mm²) and 13 (2.5mm²)

stranded wires, for 11 gauge is 504 threads of 0.1mm (504x38) and for 13 gauge are 322 threads (322x38)

price: $50-60 per 8 (eight) feet TERMINATED (good banana plugs or spades)!!! Other sizes available.​

Feel free to find something close to this deal specs/price. Hard to find with a better one than this.

I just got mine (11 gauge) and my mind is blown. Excellent quality of construction.

How do they actually work? Amazing! The level of detail I get is unbelievable, I feel like I float in the sound. I have no words to explain more. They are beyond any expectation for me. I bet they can stand in front of 10 times more expensive cables with no problems. You can trust them.
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