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need connection confirmation

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i just got a HDTV (samsung LN37C550) and have connected it to the receiver (yamaha RX-V465) using a hdmi cable.
but my source device is an old dvd player without hdmi out, only component video. so my questions are:

1) does/can a receiver take the analog component signals and convert them to hdmi? apparently not my yamaha since it says 'no signal' when the hdmi source is selected.
2) if i have component video source device fed into the receiver, does it require the same (component video) connection to the tv as well?
3) similarly, if i have a really old video cassette player with only a composite out, do i need a composite cable from receiver to tv?

i had assumed that my new receiver would "take care" of any input (hdmi, component or composite) and turn it into hdmi.
please set me straight guys.
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After reading the specs on your receiver it looks like it does not do video upscaling which means it would not change component to HDMI. You would have to run a set of component cables as well as a composite for the VCR in order to get the picture on the Samsung.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :sad:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Here is a link to the receiver support page from Yamaha.
thanks a lot for your quick response.
so that's what upscaling receivers do, convert to hdmi.
i'm getting the oppo bdp-80 which does upscale and of course has hdmi. all my stuff have been outdated for some time and
i've been upgrading bit by bit.
You are correct! Upscaling on receivers means that the receiver takes the component or composite signal and upscales it usually to 1080P, if the display can support it, via HDMI.
The Oppo will upscale the disc data to 1080P. The upside is once you get the Oppo, you can get rid of the old DVD player. :bigsmile:
Good choice on the Oppo. They are great players.
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