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IT seems that my particular set-up is hokey with REW and I need a Workaround. I've already read the workaround article at:


However, it seems that Soundflower is no longer supported or I can't find it.

Here's my current set-up... pretty straightforward:

UMIK-1 with included calibration file and usb cable > 2012 Macbook Pro USB input > out via FIREWIRE (!) to the Saffire Pro 40 > back in via FIREWIRE, etc etc

I know that the firewire is causing the problem, but I thought most of those problems were way back in 2014. However, I just hooked in to run a calibration of my soundcard and it states that my sound is too low....no matter how loud my speakers or gain is.

I've seen this on one other thread here at HTS and no one answered the question. Can anyone help me to know if this is just an old problem that I'm just too stupid to figure out,... or if there is a workaround today (due to the soundflower issue not working now) that actually works.

THanks for letting me rely on you all.

Props- Amy
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