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From what I can tell, you get the most benefit from dual subs in smallish rooms, as far as smoothing out performance across a broad area. Your room is pretty big so I’m not sure what good it will do in that regard. That said, dual subs in a large room can benefit by giving an increase in maximum output.

IMO you’d get better overall subwoofer performance by re-orienting the room with everything set up on the wall labeled “Coulissant.” The situation is that bass “chases” boundaries, and in your proposed set up, people on the right side of the couch (nearest to the wall) will get louder bass than someone sitting on the left side. Turning the layout will put the entire couch away from any boundaries, so bass will sound about the same anyplace you sit.

With either layout, you’ll bet the best performance (meaning the highest output with the lowest extension) by locating both subs in the corner. That will get you a 6 dB increase in SPL compared to a single sub. Splitting the subs to different locations will only net a 3 dB gain in SPL.

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